An Update!

So I'm bored at work, and I won't be leaving for another hour and half. So I decided I'd actually update my LJ!

I finished up all of my finals for my summer classes today. My history final was this morning, and it went pretty well (I wish a different essay would've been picked, but alas). The art history final was really really short (took me an hour or so to write). In fact, the 10 page paper we had to do for that class only took me around 7 hours (you should be proud Sarah! It didn't take me a week to write! XD), and I ended up getting an A on it. I took my psych final yesterday, and I got an A on that too (having that class online made it really easy, I really liked being able to go at my own pace...I got a lot of things done ahead of time). The art history class was online too, but he wouldn't let us work ahead. o.-

So hopefully this will all bump up my GPA after that awful first semester of last year. ^_^; I need to be careful about not overloading myself again; since I'm taking 3 art classes next semester I'll really have to pay attention to what the classes will require and possibly drop a class that first week if I have to. My mom is really advising that I do so right now, she's worried I'll keel over on her. XD

I'm EXCITED, next Wednesday I'll leave for Tokyo in Tulsa. I have everything all painted for the art table, and I'm just working on some sketches so I'll have some to put out from the start (during the con I will continue to make sketches). I've been doing them an hour or so before I go to bed, so it's been really relaxing. I should probably get a massive sketchbook and just make it a habit during the year to help with stress. Anyway, my parents are excited too (mainly my mom, lol) and I've made bright Stuffed Panda Studios shirts for my whole family. XDDDD My dad wasn't too happy about it, but we all had to keep telling him how much he'd stand out at an anime con if he at least didn't do that. It's really hilarious. We even got him to wear one of the cat tails Lauren made for a short time when he tried on the shirt, rofl. He looked so grumpy.

So with my 4 screens, 100+ keychains, sketches, 20+ chopstick sets, and 30+ cat tails, the table will be very very full. We will have to work to get everything to fit! I got some purple fabric for the table since purple managed to become our theme color (I think Sarah had a lot to do with that, she wouldn't let me use green and I wouldn't let her use orange so we decided on purple, lol). I also got my business cards yesterday from Vista Print. I had heard about them before, but I wasn't sure how the quality would be. After ordering a print sample packet and seeing the cards they printed for my grandma's business, I decided to order from them. They look great, I got 1000 cards all printed nice and sharp and shipped in little vista print boxes for $15. I almost got the name printed in foil because it would've been really cool looking, but it would've cost another $15 so I passed on that.

I've had lots of people contacting me via the Tokyo in Tulsa forums and the DA saying they'll hunt me down during the con. Hopefully we won't run into any problems with picking up our badges, getting into the hotel, etc. I just hope that we will all have a good time and spending all summer doing art for this wasn't in vain! I'm going to have to attack Crissy next week when I come back to Palmyra and hopefully borrow my giant "Moon Mist" painting I gave her for her bday last year; I'd like to enter it in the art contest there.

Other than that...we are lacking in internet right now. AT&T is being evil, this is the second time they have blocked our internet. :< The first time was understandable, but the second... @_@ I was on the phone for four hours total, and all of them told me something different. Several people told me they had no idea what I was talking about and transfered me right away. T_T It's all very confusing. I'm usually very patient with companies like that, because at Best Buy it was a major pain doing any internet or cell phone set ups, but I was really grumpy by then. *grumble*

Tonight I'm going to Java CO with Matt, Stephanie, and Nathanael. To do what? Play Pokemon cards obviously. :P We can't help it, we are still horribly addicted. And a new set comes out next month. *twitches*


New Year's Resolutions and Back to School

It's almost back to school time, which I'm pretty excited about (I get to see Nathanael after nine months for one). ;) I did enjoy my time here a lot more than last year though because I have been so busy working that it has been hard to get bored. I was working about 38 hours a week until recently when they were nice enough to give me about a week off in a row, so I'm really enjoying that. My last day there is Wednesday. :D

Thanks to my job I was able to pick up a desk, a decent sized microwave, and soon to be bed for the house next year. It'll be weird having a room to myself again, but I know I'll fill it up once I get everything I want in there. >_<

I'm ready for next semester to start, but I hope it goes a lot better than the last one. As most of you know, last semester was hell for some uknown reason (and not just because of fibers, lol). My grades slipped a bit (not that it really matters since I probably won't be going to grad school), but it's always good to keep my options open I suppose.

It's just that I improve a lot more in my art classes when I can focus and just do the best I can possibly do on the projects, and my point of being here is to improve. I know I annoyed some people last year with my "starting on projects as soon as I get them" attitude. ^_^; I didn't have much motivation once everything hit, and that didn't turn out well. o.- It just bothered me that I didn't even feel motivated enough to put some thought into my projects (I found myself doing typography at the last minute). I think the lack of any type of excercise last semester had a lot to do with it, I did good last year. ^_^; (All that junk food didn't help either, eep!)

So here go my resolutions! And yes, I actually keep most of them every year. ;)

1) Focus in my art classes so I start seeing improvement again.

2) Get in shape. I'm at the right weight, but I'm not in any sort of shape at all. I'll keel over if I run for thirty seconds. o.- I bought one of those medicine balls at Walmart (the ones filled with sand), and I've been using it the past week. I needed to get something that I can do on my own without relying on anyone in any sort of way. It's working, because I've been in pain ever since. XD

3) Try to drink more water and less soda. The keyword here is try.

4) Win some sort of "national" art contest. Something like having a Threadless submission accepted, actually getting a how-to book proposal done and sent through, etc.

5) Make more aceos. They are fairly easy to do, and I make money for charity and me at the same time (although most of it ends up going to charity). I have a lot of good feedback built up now, so I just need to sit down and fix up my eBay page and submit a few cards a week.

6) Sketch more people and less cats.

7) Sketch more often, but not during lectures...(so hard to do!)

8) Do more of my strange little comic and possibly get a sheezyart or deviantart account for it. My mom found one of the strips I drew to amuse Sarah late at night when I was tired, and she has been hounding me ever since to make more and post it on the internet so she can read it while I'm at school. o.<

That's it for now, hope your guys' breaks are going well and I'll see you in about a week! :D

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A post!


A lot seems to have happened since I got back, no real relaxing yet. >_< I had about half a day of relaxing until I got hit with the stomach flu. =/ But, as Nathanael pointed out, I did not pass out so yay! I just got no sleep for one night because of my stomach and 19 hours of it the next day to make up for it.

Then I had to start working at Best Buy the very next day. It's basically the same as it was during the summer except things are moved around a bit. My managers are still concerned about squeezing money out of every customer that walks in the door and I still don't care if Best Buy makes their quota. They're maxing out my seasonal hours, 38 a week. I only get Wednesday off this week and today was my shortest day with 6 1/2 hours. I will be happy to leave there for good after this Christmas. o.-

I have a lot of things I need to get done over break, so I hope I can accomplish it all! @____@

I've had the same set of jeans for several years (which may not seem like a long time to some people), but they were starting to get really worn and not fit as well and such (and everybody knows how much I like to wear jeans XD). So my mom let me pick out two new pairs for Christmas and I bought three more so I'll have a whole new set. I made sure they were good quality ones so they will last me a long time. They are very comfy. <3 And yes, I <3 jeans. :D

That's all that has happened so far, tomorrow is my only day off this week so I hope to accomplish something!


Update ftw!

Yeah, I'm updating once again.

Not much has been going on because I live in a field. Well not really, but close enough. ;x I've been working at BestBuy about 20ish hours a week now, and about 98% is going towards the Japan trip. XD So I'm uber poor, but its all good...I don't need to spend money anyway and it'll be fun once I get there. ;) Thank God for meal plans. >_< Anyway, I've been bored out of my mind and I'm ready to move back in. Now.

I have been drawing all the time, but it's basically been doodles instead of finished art work. I did make the most massive painting EVER a few weeks ago for the art show/Crissy's b-day. It took forever and was pretty detailed and super colorful. I was actually really happy with the way it turned out for once. It got 2nd in the county art fair in the adult category. @_@ This was my first year in the adult category, so I wasn't expecting to place at all. O.o So that was pretty awesome. The picture is on my DA website which is in case you didn't know (and it's the one called Moon Mist).

I've also been practicing several decks like crazy online for the upcoming Pokemon tourny season. I was asked to design the t-shirt for one of the most exclusive pokemon teams there are, and I ended up getting voted in. O_o I'm one of the 23 members now. *falls over*

So that's been pretty much it. Sarah, you should get online so we can talk about what we need to bring. =o The only thing I can think of at the a toothbrush holder and curtains (ill bring the blue ones from last year if you dont want to get pretty ones). Maybe a mop I suppose. Did you ever get that rug? XDD lol And you can bring some cleaning things if you are not happy with scrubbing bubbles, because that's what I'm bringing. =P

Marty, what day are you moving in?


OMG, Rachael updated??? WHERE??!!!

Yes, I'm updating. *cough*

Basically so far I've been bored to death except when I get to talk to Nathanael online (yay~!) and cool people like Josh, Stephie, Brian, etc. (Sarah doesn't count because she's not on im anymore probably because she's busy doing...I don't know...maybe playing...*coughmaplestorycough*). =P

Thursday I FINALLY started working at Best Buy, they were terrible about calling me back and doing simple things like not losing my papers. -.- Everyone else was being trained while I...well, wasn't. Took them three weeks from the time I got hired to the time I started working. *sigh* But Thursday I had to learn a bunch of things (I'm supposed to be selling things in digital technology). And that may be hard for you guys to believe...but while I'm not loud or really pushy, I can be very persuasive. I've had a lot of practice pitching ideas to my mom and convincing her to go with them. =P I actually applied for stocking and I had to pretend to sell something and acsessories for it and he seemed impressed and told me to go to sales. I was like @___@ Eh?! I start working again Monday (Friday was the grand opening) because since I wasn't completely trained they didn't want me to feel overwhelmed with a lot of customers coming in. So far I've worked 9 hours on Thursday. Yay money!

I've also been researching Pokemon card related things so I'm prepared for nationals. My deck is almost done (I'm waiting on one card). I probably won't be able to make it to battle roads because I apparently have to ask off 18 days ahead of time and battle roads is June 16th. =( *grumble* Oh well, I'm really happy I get to go to Nationals and the Professor Cup at any rate. =D The League is doing really well except for the whole arcade closing thing. ^^; We've temporarily moved to Java Co. (THANK YOU Michelle for stopping in and talking to them) I'm currently trying to figure out how to get the league set up as a club at school because it would just make things easier. I've emailed the department in charge of that (forgot what its called) but I don't have an email back yet. They probably don't even work there over the summer...

Hmmm what else has happened....Nathanael sent me these really gorgeous flowers with ALL GREEN packaging. How awesome is that?? Seriously, it was totally awesome and sweet. ^_^ *attackhug*

I start a 3 hour WACT class at John Wood Monday (ewwwwwwwwwwww). Oh well, at least I won't have to take it at Truman.

Speaking of Truman, I miss it horribly. I want to move in 2 months early. =P Plus, living with Sarah and Marty right next to Brian+Cody+Carl is going to be very very interesting and fun! =D Next year will be teh awesomeness (if art doesnt get the best of me). ^^;

Anyway I have to go soon because the storm is coming closer...

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Hello from Grim!

This is Sarah updating for Rachael because she's cleaning the dry erase board and making iced tea.

So we (Rachael, Amy, and myself) have been cleaning up the whole room for this gal named Susan who apparently will be spending the night at Grim before Saturday's visit day.

Lemme see, I guess I should say stuff that's been happening to Rachael since this is her journal. :P I'm updating because Rachael said I could. :D

Uh...Rachael's been stressed this week because of our art projects. She's doing well in Design class with her fake grass vessel that she managed to weave and glue into a fancy little thing. Green pastel got all over her today though because she kept dumping the powder on the floor which got on her jeans and shoes.

We ate dinner with the guys and she let me have a lime jello cup. :D

Rachael wants me to see the rest of Honey and Clover, but I have 24 more squares to draw and I need to color. I'll probably take a break from the drawing thing and watch an episode.



I agreed to post in my livejournal about the prerelease yesterday, but I only have 5 mintues before I have to leave for work. O.o;; So here goes!

We saw fire cows along the way. We all agreed that they must be delta species Miltanks.

It was a ton of fun even though I lost 3 out of 4 games. XD I got some pretty cool cards out of my packs, including a Salamance ex which I traded for the scary Tyrannitar ex. Oh, and I got some useful torchics, yay!

Like Josh said the store was really cool. And the league leader convinced us to start our own league in Kirksville. Woo!

Time for work now...if you want more details you should check out my deviantart post.

Oh, and Sarah lives in a hardware store. =o


(no subject)

My Personality
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Wow, it describes me. ^^;

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Soundtrack to my Life

Ok, I havn't updated in an insanely long time and Sarah showed me Joanne's post today. It looked like fun, so I decided to join in. XD

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.. (XD)

Opening Credits: Hip to be Square - Huey Lewis and the News (oh God, this is interesting already) XD
First day of school:1985 - Bowling for Soup ( I wasn't even alive in 1985 o.<)
Making your new best friend: Dani California - Red Hot Chilli Peppers ( . . . )
Falling In Love: Rolling Star - Yui *from Bleach* (wow, this song is actually partly about love =o )
Breaking Up: Diving - 4 Strings (*head scratch*)
Prom: Precious Things - Tori Amos (eesh, that's one depressing prom O.o )
Graduation: Arigatou - Bon'z ( XDDDDD Thank you for letting me graduate from the windowless school!! (ask Sarah))
Life's Okay: Maybe This Time - OK Go (I don't know what to say to that XD)
Death of a close friend: Candy Holic - Antique Cafe (apparently I go nuts and start yelling rock star style)
Mental Breakdown: Here it Goes Again - OK Go ( XDDDD yes, yes, I have mental breakdowns a lot.)
Driving: You're Not Here - Heather (makes no sense... )
Flashback: Lullaby for a Stormy Night - Vienna Teng (makes sense, could be a childhood flashback, except I liked storms....X3)
Getting Back Together: Let Love In - Goo Goo Dolls (Ah ha! It fits! lol)
Birth of Child: A Good Idea at the Time - OK Go (*spits tea out everywhere* oh man, that's halarious XDDDDD)
Wedding Scene: So Insane - Smash Mouth (I guess getting married will make me go insane ^^;)
Car Accident: Waltz - Honey & Clover (I don't even remember the lyrics to this song >_<)
Final Battle: Black Coffee - Cowboy Beebop (I guess my last battle is attempting to make someone come drink coffee with me)
Death Scene: Drop the Bomb - DDR (I knew I shouldn't have been the one to drop the bomb...)
Funeral Song: Losin' - Ito Yuna (Oops, lost the game of life. XD)
End Credits: Kryptonite - 3 doors down (*ponders*)

Yay! That was entertaining. XD So was operation Nelson's door Saturday night. Yes.

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